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Elks Lodge Soccer Shoot

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October 21st 2017


Citrus United's Holden Park - Directions

Participant Rules:

  1. There shall be four (4) or five (5) age groups:
    1. Age 7 and Under [U-8]
    2. Ages 8 and 9 [U-10]
    3. Ages 10 and 11 [U-12]
    4. Ages 12 and 13 [U-14]
    5. Ages 14 and 15 [U-16]
  2. Age is determined by the age of the contestants as of January 1st, the year the contest is held.
  3. The local Lodge Director must verify age by birth or baptismal certificate or by passport to ensure that the contestant competes in the proper age group. This will eliminate any disappointment that might arise as a result of a technical error.
  4. A contestant may enter only one local Lodge contest in any given year.
  5. The Contest Director will set the date, time and place for the contest, and notify all contestants of the same. Contestants must be present and ready to compete at the designated time.
  6. Local Lodge contests may be structured in cooperation with local soccer programs so that participants can compete at predetermined times. The time for the local Lodge "finals" if needed, will be posted and those invited to compete in the “finals” must be present and ready to compete at the designated time.
  7. The contest can be held outdoors on a field or indoors in a gym or other suitable area.
  8. No equipment is necessary other than appropriate clothing for competition and appropriate footwear (indoor or outdoor). No article of clothing that displays words, slogans or images that are in poor taste for a youth athletic activity shall be permitted. The Director’s decision is final.
  9. FIFA-approved number four (4) balls will be used for the [U-8], [U-10] and U-12] Groups. Number five (5) balls will be used for the [U-14] & [U-16 optional] Groups.
  10. All contestants are responsible for their own behavior. Inappropriate or unsportsmanlike conduct or failing to obey the instructions of the officials will be subject to disqualification by the Officials.
  11. Contestants who are waiting their turn must not interfere with the contestant who is shooting in any way. All other persons should stay at least ten (10) yards behind the contestant who is shooting. At indoor contests or some outdoor contests where ten (10) yards is not possible, a distance determined by the Director will establish a clearly-identified waiting area. No one should be allowed to distract the contestants in any way during the contest. The Director may stop the contest and clear the area if anything interferes with play.
  12. The Director shall have the authority to restrict the number of photographers around the immediate contest area and to restrict where they may position themselves. Flash photography is not permitted at any time while the contest is in progress. A staged photo opportunity may be orchestrated by the Director wherein flash photos will be permitted.

Game Rules:

  1. Contestants may only shoot for score once unless involved in a tiebreaker.
  2. No contestant may shoot before or after the designated time.
  3. The order of shooting will be determined by Committee. Only Lodge Contests may have the option of customizing the shooting order according to local conditions. It is strongly recommended that after each contestant kicks three shots for score at a goal, he/she shall return to the end of the line/seating area while all other contestants complete their shots on that goal. The entire group then moves on to the next size goal.
  4. The goals and scores are as follows:
    1. 48" goal — 1 point per successful goal
    2. 40" goal — 2 points per successful goal
    3. 34" goal — 3 points per successful goal
    4. 26" goal — 4 points per successful goal
    5. 17" goal — 5 points per successful goal
  5. A goal is scored when the whole of the ball has passed over the entire goal line, between the goal posts and below the upper crossbar. The decision of the Judges is final.
  6. Ideally, four balls should be used; one for practice and three balls for score. All kicks should be taken before any balls are returned to the shooter. This will save time and shorten the waiting time before the next contestant’s attempt.
  7. There shall be one Goal Judge, one Line Judge, one Retriever and up to three Scoring Judges per contestant shooting.
  8. There shall also be up to three Tabulators, who are located in the contest area. The Tabulators shall verify the official score.
  9. Contestants will start at the 48” goal and will advance to each successive smaller goal after all the contestants have completed shooting at that goal.
  10. The Line Judge will place the ball on a line fifteen (15) feet from the goal line. The contestant may adjust the ball along the line by using the foot only. The Line Judge will confirm that the ball is still legally placed. The ball shall be deemed in play as soon as it is kicked forward and cannot be kicked a second time.
  11. Each contestant will be permitted one (1) warm-up kick at each goal. They will then kick three (3) goals for score at each of the five different sized goals in sequence from 48" down to 17" goal. The contest officials will notify each contestant when scoring begins. A total of forty-five (45) points is possible.
  12. Ties will be determined by taking five (5) additional shots in the same contestant order as the regular contest. The 17” goal will be used. If still tied, this procedure will be repeated until award winners are decided. Tie- breaker points will not be added to total. Tie-breaker scores will only be used to break the tie to appropriate place of finish.
  13. The 1st place winners at each level of contest are eligible to advance to the next level. If the 1st place winner in any age group is unable to attend, the next highest scorer shall be eligible.

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