UPDATE: Get ready for Spring Training


Executive Board

Position Name Contact Email Contact Number
President - Recreational Ann Withkowski ann@citrusunited.com (352) 220-4877
VP - Competitive John Withkowski john@citrusunited.com (352) 220-4877
Director of Coaching Wayne Roddy wayne@citrusunited.com  
Registrar Ann Withkowski ann@citrusunited.com (352) 220-4877
Secretary  Danielle Roddy  danielle@citrusunited.com  (352)287-1079



Position Name Contact Email Contact Number
 Director of Coaching - Competitive   Wayne Roddy  wayne@citrusunited.com  
 Uniforms   Danielle Roddy danielle@citrusunited.com  (352)287-1079
 Equipment  Rick Nelson    
 Field Director   Jason Cook    
 Ref Assignor             Tony Mele  TONYMIELE2@aol.com  727-992-3200
 Website     Wayne Roddy wayne@citrusunited.com  
 Fundraiser & T-Shirts   Julie Conley    
 Tournament Director  Matt Bonura    
 Sponsorships & Fundraising Keith Pullias Jr keith@citrusunited.com